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Manage, explore and build applications on your data faster than ever. Deploy Traintracks and analyze billions of events and terabytes of data the same day.

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massively scalable ingestion engine

Hit the ground running.

Our ingestion engine can stream billions of events in real-time with exactly-once delivery. It consumes arbitrary JSON through our simple REST API and SDKs, drastically reducing the time it takes to introduce a new data source or format.

version control for data models

Manage disparate and evolving datasets.

We automatically track changes made to your data models as your product evolves, empowering your team to have full access to historical and future data without sacrificing efficiency.

mutable schemas on immutable data

Customize and democratize your data.

You can augment and modify schemas in virtual layers without affecting the underlying data, enabling your whole team to work with the same dataset safely. We’ve also combined immutable and type-safe data with comprehensive indexing, enabling lightning-fast search and aggregations on any event or attribute without predefined schemas.

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